Q : How to place an order?
A: Please contact our sales office at 02-452-5950, or by FAX at 02-452-5945, or by EMAIL : sales@elite-hraft.com
Q : What is the difference between Kraft and Test Liner?
A : Kraft paper is actually made from pulp which comes from KRAFT PULPING or SULPHATE PROCESS. This process uses 100% pulp, by contrary TEST LINER uses recycled paper to produce.
Q : Is it ok to order kraft paper from other suppliers and come to EKP and ask to cut ream?
A : Right now we still don’t have this service, but for sure if you order kraft paper from EKP, we can offer this special service.
Q : Is paper in ream a regular A$ paper in the market?
A : They are not regular white printing paper in the market. EKP kraft paper which is produced at our factory normally is sold in different sizes of roll for our customers to produce “sheet board”, but EKP has special cutting machine to response special need of customers. Therefore, we can offer various sizes of paper from 17-54 inches width by 19.5-85 inches long and within one ream starting with 500 sheets.
Q : Can EKP produce other special types of paper?
A : Yes, we can produce new colors and new thickness (GRAM) more than what we have in the factory, but this order got to reach a minimum order of 300 tons. For any other special types of paper, please also feel free to contact us directly at our sales office. We have our own expert R&D team to give you a very good consulting.
Q : Is it possible to use CA paper to produce test liner for corrugated box?
A : Yes it is possible. If the customers do not need high strength or do need only one time usage of its box such as box for instant noodles.
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