дɤҿ ѺӼǡͧ (TEST Liner Paper), дɤҿ Ѻ͹١١ (Corrugating Medium Paper),ͧд١١ (Corrugated boxes)
дɤҿ ѺӼǡͧ (TEST Liner Paper) дɤҿ Ѻ͹١١ (Corrugating Medium Paper) ͧд١١ (Corrugated boxes) ҹѴ (Cut Paper)
     EKP offers top quality and great service with reasonable prices. Our testliner paper is produced directly at our mill in Srakaew province inThailand. Testliner paper at EKP is different from others. They are produced at good strength to ensure heavy duty for corrugated box staging in customers warehouses. The weight of testliner paper are vary from 125-300 g/m2 EKP also offer testliner paper in diver sizes of roll and width. Therefore, you will surely find something suitable for your needs. Our customers using EKP testliner paper are manufacturers of corrugated boards, corrugated boxes, paper bags, tubes and cores for paper tissue, tubes and cores for thread, paper pallets, and other paper packaging.      Corrugated Medium Paper at EKP offers various sizes with high concora crush and great ring crush. It adheres well with adhesive, allowing maximumcorrugating speed. The standard weight is a wide range of 85-350 g/m2      EKPs subsidiary company offers corrugated boxes in a wide range of types. For example: RSC, Telescope, Die, Telescope, Die Cut, Tray, Wrap around, and Partition.      EKP main products are offered various size of Not only EKP kraft paper is sold in different roll widths, but also cut to a given standard sizes (between 1754 inches width by19.5 85 inches long) for any particular grade (weight ream). This can be for any particular purposes such as to wrap products or to produce a certain size of paper bags, or other packaging.
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